To preserve the structure of the building and improve its interior for future generations.

About St.Joseph's in Orléans

St. Joseph’s Church in Orléans is the jewel of the Parish, established in 1860. Still very active today, the Parish, over and above its religious role, contributes to the educational, cultural, social and community life in Orléans. Many organizations, such as the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Knights of Columbus, the Daughters of Isabella, the Club 60 for seniors, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Guides and other community groups bring life and commitment to the parish. With its Neo-Gothic architecture and tall steeple, St. Joseph’s Church is a much-admired symbol of our heritage. The Church will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022.

About our Steering Committee

In response to the expressed desire of Orléans’ community to save this regional icon, a steering committee has been established under the direction of our pastor, Father Maurice Dionne. The steering committee, composed of dedicated volunteers, has put together a strategic planning process for a much needed fundraising campaign. Time is the essence in securing funds to preserve this regional heritage.

Board Members

  • Member Photo Father Maurice Dionne

    Father Maurice Dionne


  • Member Photo Elizabeth Allard, CD

    Elizabeth Allard, CD


  • Member Photo Joane Legault

    Joane Legault

    Activities Coordination

  • Member Photo Michel Lepage

    Michel Lepage


  • Member Photo Marcel Papineau

    Marcel Papineau

    Vice Chairman

  • Member Photo Denis J. Pion

    Denis J. Pion

    Work Planning

  • Member Photo Gisèle Savage

    Gisèle Savage

    Donations Administration

  • Member Photo Raymond Vaillancourt

    Raymond Vaillancourt

    Donations Administration